The Emergence Of The E Cigarette

In recent years the E Cigarette has become a significant force in the market due to its success in helping people to quit regular cigarette smoking. An e cigarette is a hollow tube that contains a glycol component that can be vaporized by an atomizer in order to create a vapor that can be inhaled like smoke.

The similar action of inhaling the vapor, which can contain nicotine and other flavors, has become a substitute for millions of cigarette smokers, helping to wean them off of tobacco. Different levels of nicotine can be staged in these devices, so a person can taper down his nicotine dependence over a period of time.

There are now all kinds of regulatory agencies that are attempting to get into the act of regulating e cigarettes, stating that it is not known whether or not the electronic cigarettes are safe. This seems a bit silly, since it is known that tobacco cigarettes are, and have been killing people with cancer, heart disease, stroke, and many other respiratory type diseases for half a century, and yet there are no restrictions at all on these substances.

The only thing that the user of an e cigarette inhales is a water vapor, which is about as intense as walking outside on a humid day. While it is true that there could be other harmful substances put into the glycol mixture, there can be harmful substance put into any type of device.

Whether or not there is regulation that evolves in the e cigarette revolution, there is little likelihood that it will affect the popularity that the device is currently enjoying and will continue to enjoy.

For years, the smoking of tobacco has impacted our society with billions of dollars spent in the treating of the results of tobacco smoking. It has been proven that the resulting tars and smoke inhalation has resulted in scores of lung cancer cases, which develops quickly and results in a painful, hideous death in most cases, and yet there is worry about a seeming harmless vapor in a new product.

The e cigarettes are taking the marketplace by storm, regardless of what local, state, and federal regulatory people wring their hands about, because it seems to be a product which has hit the market with perfect timing. While there has been demonstrated success with attempts in smoking cessation, there is much more to the equation.

It is likely that big tobacco is entering into the fray, due to the fact that Lolliard, a large tobacco conglomerate, just purchased Blu E cigs, which may be the beginning of big tobacco getting serious in taking part in furthering the trend.

There are now countless different brands and varieties of approaches to the e cigarette. Packaging and colors seem to be the rage, as the devices are beginning to take on a whole scope of different shapes and colors.

While the main style still seems to be in the shape of a cigarette, there is no law that says that it has to remain that way, so we are seeing square, triangular and round shaped devices that are being promoted to deliver the essence of the experience.

Flavors are also the rage, where in addition to a ‘nothing’ flavor, which is quickly diminishing, to a tobacco flavor, with or without nicotine. Other flavors include chocolate, peppermint, fruit flavors such as strawberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and others. Mint and menthol are also very popular.

There will, in all probability, be some sort of regulation, if for nothing else than to be sure that there are no harmful substances placed in e cigarettes, but for all practical purposes, the product is here to stay, and will continue to boom, especially if big tobacco gets involved.